Manchester United is an equal opportunities employer. Manchester United’s policy is not to discriminate against existing staff or persons seeking employment on the grounds of age, sex, disability, ethnic origin, nationality or national origin, religion or similar philosophical belief, race or colour, gender or gender re-assignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status or family circumstances ("protected characteristics").

All staff should note that discrimination on the grounds mentioned above is unlawful and Manchester United will not tolerate any direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation by its staff.

It should also be noted that no member of staff should act upon instructions given to them which are discriminatory or put pressure on others to discriminate in their dealings with their colleagues, customers, visitors, suppliers or clients.

It is important that everyone should have a broad understanding of what constitutes discrimination:

• Direct Discrimination – occurs where someone is treated less favourably because of one or more of the protected characteristics set out above. For example, rejecting an applicant on the grounds of race would be direct discrimination. Direct age discrimination can be justified in certain circumstances. However, direct discrimination in relation to any of the other protected characteristics outlined above can never be justified.

• Indirect Discrimination - occurs when a practice, requirement or condition is applied to all staff but which puts people who share one of the protected characteristics outlined above at a particular disadvantage. Indirect discrimination can be justified in some circumstances.

• Harassment and Bullying - is unwanted conduct based on one of the protected characteristics outlined above that violates people’s dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.

• Victimisation - Victimisation arises when a person is treated less favourably than others because the person has done something by reference to the discrimination legislation as it applies in the workplace. Although the person may not make explicit reference to any particular legislation, if they address a workplace discrimination issue (for example, by making an allegation in good faith or becoming involved in an internal procedure or legal action, either as a complainant or a witness) they should not be victimised. All staff must feel free to be able to raise an issue or support a colleague in raising an issue related to discrimination, without fear of any form of reprisal.

• Disability discrimination - where Manchester United applies a provision criterion or practice (or there is any physical feature of Manchester United’s premises) which places a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with others who are not disabled, it is Manchester United’s duty to take reasonable steps, in all the circumstances, to prevent the provision, criterion, practice or feature having that effect. This is known as the duty to make reasonable adjustments and is applicable to disabled persons including job applicants, employees and contract or temporary workers. A disabled person is someone who has a disability as defined under the Equality Act 2010 (that is, someone with a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day to day activities).

• Manchester United encourages members of staff who are disabled to tell us about their condition so that we can support them as appropriate. If a member of staff experiences difficulties at work because of a disability, we encourage them to contact their line manager or Group Human Resources to discuss any reasonable adjustments that would help to overcome or minimise the difficulty. Manchester United will consider the matter carefully and will take reasonable steps to accommodate your needs.

It is the policy of Manchester United that in its employment practices and procedures:

• The scope and application of this policy applies to all areas of employment within Manchester United including all employment related activity such as advertising, recruitment and selection, promotion and training.

• Manchester United aims to ensure that no job applicant or existing member of staff suffers discrimination because of any of the protected characteristics above. Applicants should not be asked questions about health or disability before a job offer is made. (There are limited exceptions to this which should only be used with the approval of Group Human Resources.)

• Entry into Manchester United, and progression within it, will be determined solely by the application of an objective assessment of personal performance and ability.

• The scope and application of this policy extends to all of the companies, and their operating departments, within Manchester United and to any contractors working for and on behalf of Manchester United.

• The effectiveness of the policy will be reviewed and, where necessary, remedial or corrective action taken. In order to monitor the progress and implementation of this policy Group Human Resources will collect data from all job applicants, monitor all recruitment decisions, maintain and review the employment records of all members of staff and review information gathered via exit interviews. Provision of this information is voluntary and it will not adversely affect an individual's chances of recruitment or any other decision related to their employment. This data is obtained solely for the purposes stated in this policy.

• An overall responsibility for ensuring successful implementation of this policy will be vested in Group Human Resources. However, all staff involved with recruitment, selection and promotion have a responsibility to ensure equality of opportunity. All members of staff have a responsibility to ensure that the letter and spirit of this policy are observed during the course of their employment.

• Specialist training in this area will be given to all staff involved with recruitment, selection and promotion. Equal Opportunities forms part of the Manager’s Guide to Recruitment and Selection, Supervisory Training, Management Development Training and is also included in the Company Induction for all employees.

• All members of staff are expected to comply with this policy and refrain from any actions, including written or verbal statements, which are detrimental to both the letter and spirit of the policy. Any failures to observe these requirements will invoke investigation and the disciplinary procedure if appropriate.

• The Company recognises that members of staff who are subjected to discrimination or harassment and bullying are vulnerable and may be reluctant or afraid to complain. Manchester United encourages any member of staff who believes that they are or have been subjected to any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying to report this in accordance with Manchester United’s grievance procedure. Allegations regarding potential breaches of this policy will be treated in confidence and instigated in accordance with the relevant procedure.

• Any member of staff who is found to have committed an act of discrimination or harassment will be subject to disciplinary action. Such behaviour may constitute gross misconduct and, as such, may result in summary dismissal. Manchester United takes a strict approach to serious breaches of this policy.

This policy does not form part of any employee's contract of employment and may be amended at any time.

Any questions about the content or application of this policy should be referred to Human Resources.

Ver 1 - 26/08/14