At Manchester United we believe that being a responsible football club means being part of our community in the widest sense. We know that our performance as an internationally recognised institution will be measured not only by our success on the field of play or our profitability as a business; but also by our impact on the quality of life in our communities and on the environment we share. Sharing the history of the club and its community is an important responsibility that we have taken seriously and endeavoured to ensure can be fully enjoyed by our visitors in an environmentally sound way.

We recognise our responsibilities to ensure a safe and healthy environment and will endeavour to maintain sound environmental performance.

The objectives of this policy statement will continue to be achieved by having clearly outlined management responsibilities and by promoting employee involvement.

We aim to minimise significant environmental impacts and ensure legal compliance. We will regularly audit our compliance with legislation and with this policy, measure our progress and continually improve wherever practicable.

We will avoid polluting the land; air or water and hazardous processes or materials where suitable alterntives are available.

We will aim to conserve natural resources by minimising the use of non-renewable materials, by recycling materials, by minimising energy use, by using recycled products and packaging. We will continue to seek waste minimisation. We will ensure that refurbishment schemes and new construction meet the appropriate environmental standards. An assessment of carbon emissions has been completed and a carbon management plan is being developed.

We will continue to develop plans to improve the environmental performance of our suppliers and contractors where appropriate. We will look for opportunities to promote environmental best practice initiatives with our commercial partners. We will encourage our customers to take positive actions in areas such as transport, recycling and purchasing.

Environmental objectives and targets have been set with the aim of achieving continual improvment in our environmental performance. We will promote our environmental commitment to attract customers to our museum.

This policy will continue to be reviewed at least annually, and will be brought to the attention of all employees and made available to all stakeholders.

Authorised by R Arnold,
Manchester United Limited

Ver 4 - 01/08/17