Manchester United believes that being a responsible football club means being part of our community in the widest sense. We know that our performance as an internationally recognised institution will be measured not only by our success on the field of play or our profitability as a business but also by our impact on the quality of life in our communities and on the environment we share.

We recognise our responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment and will endeavour to maintain sound environmental performance.

We make a significant contribution to the economy and wherever feasible will seek local, regional and UK suppliers of goods and services. All staff who are involved in the specification and procurement of goods and services on behalf of the business, have the responsibility to promote sustainable procurement practices and ensure the delivery of the company health and safety, environmental and energy policies.

All major suppliers are asked to complete a range of declarations covering issues such as environmental performance, modern slavery & human trafficking, staff welfare and food safety, before orders are placed with them. Audits are conducted on a sampling basis to ensure that the declarations are being adhered to and action will be taken where the right standards are not being met.

We will provide signpost information to suppliers to help them achieve improved performance and will recognise annual performance.

Authorised by R Arnold,
Manchester United Limited

Ver 4 - 01/08/17